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Storage Rental Agreement Uk

The agreement sets the amount of rent owed, and when. It also outlines how to pay for it, i.e. by debit, credit card, etc. It cannot be charged a requirement for the customer, but it will be their duty to pay their storage rent on time. 12 notice period. The termination by the customer or the company requires a period of 14 days. Please email us or call us directly to let us know your departure date. Be sure to let us know as soon as you have evacuated the aircraft so that the device can be re-rented. At the end of this contract, all goods must be removed from the unit which must remain clean and orderly and in the same condition as the beginning. We may charge a reasonable fee if we have to clean the appliance or dispose of goods or waste left in the dwelling or on the job site. All goods that remain in the unit after termination are deemed abandoned and disposed of. 3) I checked the room number to which this agreement relates and confirmed that it was fit for use and that it was in good condition at the time of its launch.

I will notify the company if there are any future damage or other defects related to the device. 13. Please note that we do not provide repayments for long-term rents reduced in advance if you wish to leave the unit (s) before the contract expires. Another important point to remember is the insurance obligations defined in the contract. Often, self-storage companies do not insure the contents of your device. It is the tenant`s responsibility to have appropriate insurance. In many cases, the self-storage company offers an insurance policy that you can acquire to cover these debts. You may already have this type of insurance on your home insurance. It`s always worth checking out. These policies are also available on the Internet by third-party insurers. Many storage contracts also exempt the owner/operator from liability to the occupier. One of these is.

B loss or damage, injury or death resulting from the use and occupation of space or warehouse. The contract also specifies that all goods stored in the field are carried out at the sole risk of the occupier. It is established that the owner, his representatives and the employees have no responsibility or responsibility for the loss or damage of the customer`s goods for any reason.

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