خانه / Annual Statements For Fixed-Sum Credit Agreements

Annual Statements For Fixed-Sum Credit Agreements

۴٫ This Bill primarily amends the Consumer Credit Act of 1974 (the “1974 Act”), which is the licensing and other control status of contractors engaged in providing credit or providing rental or rental property to individuals and regulating transactions related to such disposition or delivery. The purpose of the act is to reform the 1974 law for: 32. Section 11 introduces a new Section 86D after the new Section 86C (inserted into the 1974 Act by Clause 10). § ۸۶D sets out the consequences for a creditor or owner if he fails to grant a termination in accordance with § ۸۶B or 86C. If the creditor or owner fails to notify the amounts accompanying the delays when necessary, he is present during the period during which he has not made the termination (i.e.:

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